: Personalization and Custom Printing

Personalization and Custom Printing Options

Personalized greeting cards

You have the option to add your personal message to the inside of the greeting cards that you purchase.

Because the greeting cards we sell are brand name cards your custom message will be printed in addition to the existing text that appears on the cards. The pre-printed text and artwork cannot be changed.

Simply click on the "Customize" button from the product detail page and you'll be taken to our online customization tool that allows you to add your personal message while selecting the type style, ink color, size and more. Our interactive design page will let you see exactly what the card will look like after your message has been added. 

We offer a wide variety of type styles or the message can be handwritten by one of our customer care team members. The handwritten option is only available on individual greeting cards and is not available on boxed cards.

Printing Return Addresses on Envelopes

If you are ordering boxed greeting cards you will have the option to add your return address to the envelopes. Our personalization staff will imprint your return address on the back flap of each envelope.

Please note that some greeting cards come with envelopes that have design features preventing them from going through our printers. Please see each item's product detail page for more information about whether the cards and/or envelopes have the option to be custom printed.  

What are your printing options?

Custom messages can be printed on your greeting cards with one of our ink printers or handwritten by one of our customer care team members.

The online customization tool allows you to add your custom text and choose type styles, colors, sizes, alignment, positioning and much more.

If you're sending an individual card directly to the recipient as a gift, and you've added a custom message to the card, the delivery address and your return return address will be printed on the envelope.

Please note that the handwritten option is not available for boxed greeting cards.

Some greeting cards may only allow the handwritten option due to the special design features (i.e.- glitter, die-cut, etc.) associated with the cards that prevent them from going through our printers.

What are the custom printing fees?

Greeting card personalization is priced as follows:

Type of Product Customization Price
Individual Greeting Cards $1.00 per card
Boxed Greeting Cards $0.60 per card
Boxed Greeting Cards (Return Addresses) $0.60 per envelope

What is the turn-around time on personalization?

Individual personalized greeting cards can be processed on the same (business) day that they are received and can be shipped on the same day if the order is received before our daily shipment cut off time of 7:30 AM EST.

Please allow up to 3-4 business days processing time for the completion of personalized boxed cards, large quantities of 10 or more individual greeting cards or the printing of return addresses on envelopes.