Avanti Press

Since its humble beginning in 1980 Avanti has grown to become an example of incredible quality and creativity when it comes to greeting cards and stationery. Vibrant colors, funny photography and smart verses combine to create greeting cards that bring smiles and laughs to both the sender and receiver.

Known for their wonderful use of animal photography to showcase dogs, cats, squirrels, ducks, chipmunks (and every other type of furry or feathered creature) in funny situations that relate to everyday life they continue to create greeting cards that amaze and connect with the funny bone and heart.

In addition to the incredible volume of humorous cards Avanti has an equally impressive group of cards devoted to more serious occasions. Whether you need to say ‘thank you’, ‘get well’ or offer your sympathy to someone special there is an Avanti card to meet your needs.

Avanti continues to expand their line of greeting cards to include more than their Avanti line of cards. The A-Press line are high end cards on luxury paper stock with tons of embellishments including foils, embossing, glitter, flocking and extremely vibrant colors. The BIG FUNNY line includes super-sized versions of popular Avanti cards, the Standouts collection contains 3D pop-up cards and the A-Plus Motion line of cards uses lenticular technology to bring Avanti characters to life. Plus, Avanti has the America Collection, a retro line that features vintage black and white photography with exceptional verse.

Over the years Avanti has won over 40 LOUIE awards, for excellence in greeting card design, from the Greeting Card Association along with many awards for consistent product quality. Plus, Avanti continues to produce all of the Avanti and A*Press cards in the USA.

PaperCards.com has been selling Avanti cards for over 20 years and we carry every product that Avanti produces. You may even be able to find cards that are no longer in print. With over 1,300 Avanti cards in our store we know that you’ll find that special card… and you’ll learn why our customers love Avanti cards so much!

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